oct 2015 (10)

My path to becoming a member of Backhand Echo was very different from the other guys. No previous experience, no other bands… in fact I only joined elementary school’s choir because the teachers made me. I just knew that I wanted to play the drums for as long as I could remember.

Glen and I met for the first time about seven or eight years ago when my daughter wanted to learn how to play the drums. We found Glen by chance at our local “sign your kids up for something for the winter” registration events – he started coming to my place to teach my daughter how to drum. Although the lessons really weren’t for me, I liked to listen in on their lessons and then try to repeat them by myself the next day. After awhile Glen and I became friends and I picked his brain for more tips. It wasn’t too long and we started to jam every now and then.

It was after one of these impromptu sessions that Glen mentioned that he had a good friend that played bass. Paul started coming over and the connection was immediate – we three started playing regularly, forming a three-man group, but after a year or so life got in the way and we stopped playing.

We started playing again about a year ago or so. Picking up where we left off. Not long after that Paul introduced Gill to us, so now we are four – and I think we sounds better that ever…. Buckle up the rides just startin’