glenGlen Birch is a musician, songwriter and has been recording music and playing in bands for over 30 years.
Starting in Montréal as a drummer at first for a band called The Clones, he later was asked to join the band Off Limits as the lead vocalist, playing with them for 2 years.
He moved to Calgary in October of 1989. He soon met fellow Beatles lover Ray Loo and started recording music as Liverpool, a Beatles tribute duo, recording all the music and vocal parts themselves. They recorded as Liverpool for a couple of years before parting ways.
Learning a lot about producing music and being an engineer he started recording in his home studio, writing originals, recording and playing all the instruments and vocals himself. Also during this time he started a cover a band called the C-FURYS with musicians he met at work (Bass Player – Paul Cooke, Drummer – Scott Campbell & Lead Guitar – Karl Taylor, Birch taking Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals) and together in 1993 they started playing the Calgary bar circuit for several years.
He later met fellow musician Norm Slade Compton and together they formed the duo Birch-N-Slade. in 2005 they recorded and released a CD of original music titled 2nd Chance Meeting, acting as studio musicians for each other. Again playing all the music and vocals themselves. The duo played together for a few years before seeking different musical paths.
Reforming with C-FURYS Bassist Paul Cooke, Glen and Paul joined with Drummer Tom McDonald and as a trio they have been playing together for over 5 years.
Now with the addition of Rhythm Guitar Player Gil Donkersgoed they have reformed as Backhand Echo.